Zwangere GuyBiografie

  • Echte naam: Gorik van Oudheusden
  • Beroep: Rapper
  • Geboren op: 10 mei 1988
  • Leeftijd: 33
  • Afkomst: Belgisch
  • Woonplaats: Ukkel
  • Geslacht: Man
  • Label: Top Notch
Wie is Guy? [Who is Guy?] The record certainly provided the answers. Guy is brazen. Shameless. Disrespectful and rude. Honest, straightforward and loud. From squalor to successful rap career. ZG stepped from the shadows into the light in style: in front of 4,000 witnesses at the AB, he took the step from back to front stage. He turned a spotlight on the cracks in society: poverty, domestic violence and addiction were given the first person treatment. Someone felt some well-targeted punchlines right down to their cell in Sint-Gillis. Not exactly light entertainment, but the facts speak for themselves. Almost every record came crashing down: first gold for a Dutch hip hop record, first Dutch-language hip hop number one in the charts. In the aftermath of “Wie is Guy? [Who is Guy?], ZG killed it at all the festivals: Couleur Café, Werchter, Down The Rabbit Hole, Dour and Lowlands. He sold out halls in Belgium and the Netherlands. In the meantime, he sold out the AB five times, received five nominations for the RBEA 2019, received 5-star reviews in the newspapers and was responsible for the creation of five records in less than five years. BRUTAAL shows that ZG is just warming up. Whereas in “Wie is Guy?” he looked back on yesterday and dreamt of tomorrow, BRUTAAL is the sound of someone already embracing his future today. And someone who clearly hasn’t changed.

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